Former Microsoft engineer criticizes Windows 11’s new Start menu design, ads

Like Windows 8, Windows 11 also changed the Start menu design dramatically.

Its new Start menu has dropped support for live tiles, and instead uses static icons, and cannot be modified. It’s a updated Start menu isn’t as appealing than Windows 10’s interactive live tiles Start and has received a fair amount of comments – both positive and negative.

The Start menu is located in the middle of the taskbar , and it has an option to search at the top. When you click”search bar,” Windows 11 automatically switches to the Windows Search interface, showing results for local applications, files, and photos and Bing web recommendations.

Windows 11 is now apparently advertising in results of searches, which is trying to convince users to stay making use of Microsoft Edge when they try to download Chrome. It’s yet another way to advertise the Windows 11’s Microsoft Edge, which could make people angry since these ads are becoming part of the main user interface.

If you type in Chrome or Firefox and you’ll find an advert which appears on the right. Microsoft is advertising two keywords – Chrome as well as Firefox. However, for some reason, the identical advert will not show when you type in Opera, Brave, Vivaldi as well as other web browsers.

Jensen Harris, the co-founder of Textio and the former Microsoft Office creator, took to Twitter to express his displeasure with Microsoft’s design choices. With a number of posts on Twitter, Harris explained how Windows 11 cannot provide the premium Start menu experience everyone expects.

“What do you think is going on with the web 1.0 Geocities-era banner advertisement for the “Bing Wallpaper application”? In reality, it appears that I’m infected with viruses. The text is not aligned properly and is situated on the Windows Vista background.” Harris tweeted.

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“Design matters. The details are important. Particularly when it comes to UI such as Windows Start menu. I can remember the team that created an ad-hoc ligature within the Segoe UI font (used in Windows) to ensure that “S” and “t” coincide beautifully to spell out “Start”. This is how crucial Start is in the eyes of Microsoft,” he added.

An ex-Windows engineer has also got some complaints about the ‘ Bing wallpaper advertisements for app in the Start/Search panel and about the fact that certain parts of the OS use sharp, rounded corners as well as rounded edges.


The former Windows engineer shared some examples of design consistency issues with the Start menu, as you can see in the above screenshot.

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