Windows 11 22H2 to get more new features as several “Moment” updates are planned

According to reports, Microsoft plans to release a new Windows version each three years just like Windows Vista and Windows 7. Microsoft does not want Windows 11 to be boring or uninteresting. Microsoft wants Windows 11 to be constantly updated with “Moment”, and occasionally “feature” updates.

Microsoft has apparently scrapped the Sun Valley 3 original project. Windows 11 will get Windows 11 23H2 based upon the current version 22H2, similar in design to the enablement package updates for Windows 10 Microsoft plans to release Windows 12 in 2024. We are still not sure.

Microsoft plans to use cumulative updates to deliver new features in production via the main development channel. This is something we already know. Windows 11 22H2 (Windows 11 2022 update) has received its first major update, “Moment 1”, with a few new features including tabs in File Explorer and an updated sidebar.

Microsoft has already begun Moment 3 and Moment 4 small updates to improve the operating system’s performance, even before Windows 11 22H2’s next major update, internally called “Moment 2”, arrives.

New taskbar animations, arriving with Moment 2?

The next ‘Moment’ updates will include features that have been under development since the second half 2022. Microsoft’s developers are currently on vacation so ‘Moment 2’ will be available in the early 2023. Taskbar clock second support is one of the notable improvements.

Microsoft Account-Free Widgets Board could be available independently through Microsoft Store or Windows Updates.

Windows 11 Build 25262, one of the latest updates, contains references to “Moment 3”, (TestID -MTestUx14), and “Moment 4” (TestID -MTestUx15). If you don’t know, Test ID 39145991 represents Windows 11 22H2 Moment 1 and MTestUx13 the upcoming Moment 2.

You can test some of these features on your computer by signing up for the Windows Insider Program. This allows you to try new features before they are released publicly. Join the Dev Channel to test all features of Windows 11 today if you are eager to see them in action.

Although we don’t know when there will be an announcement or event to highlight the new features in Windows 11, we can learn more about the future of the operating system between March and May.

Microsoft doesn’t yet have a clear roadmap for Windows 11, such as Moment 3 and 4 updates and how everyone will benefit from the upcoming updates.

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