Windows 11 Task Manager’s upcoming new feature could make troubleshooting easier

Windows 11 version 22H2, this year’s first major update, will begin rolling out in a few weeks.

People who have signed up to Windows Insider Program Windows Insider Program are already enjoying the latest features, including the upgraded taskbar, which includes drag-and-drop as well as quicker context menus as well as a brand-new Task Manager.

One of the most noticeable modifications in Windows 11 version 22H2 is the Task Manager’s new design. The Task Manager has been upgraded to the Microsoft’s Fluent Design system, WinUI 3.0 facelift, and much more. Like you’ll see in the following photos, Task Manager is more modern-looking and features an updated layout that includes all the key options in the left-hand side column, much like Settings.

Tasks that are more common are now displayed in a horizontal bar and allowing for more options within Task Manager. With Windows 11, Build 22588 Microsoft is testing the new feature that lets you create complete crash dumps or kernel dumps through Task Manager. For those who aren’t aware that the dump file is automatically created in the event that Windows cannot run properly because of BSOD.

The dump file generated from the event is known as the System crash dump. You can make an actual crash dump by through Control Panel. Control Panel.

Starting with the next feature update, you’ll be able to generate live crash dumps using the Task Manager, as shown in the below screenshot.

This feature is especially helpful because it permits you to quickly resolve issues as the crash dump is a information about the memory of the system during the time of a crash.

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Other changes are coming for the Task Manager

As we mentioned at the beginning, Task Manager is adopting Microsoft’s Fluent Design to appear more in line with the operating system.

Task Manager is now more contemporary and has a look that is identical to the Settings app.

Due to the improvements that have been made, the Task Manager is now more compatible with touchscreens. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since Windows 11 continues to push the use of touchscreens to users.

In addition to the classic Fluent Design overhaul, Microsoft is also adding Mica, an online design material that matches its background to the desktop. Naturally, it’s also available to Dark Mode, which looks amazing with Mica and a bright desktop background.

One of the latest features is the “Efficiency mode” that allows you to limit your system’s resources (CPU) for certain processes or programs. This feature is especially useful to optimize battery performance, since you can set limits on processing power of certain processes , while prioritizing those you wish to prioritize.

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