Windows 11 update is removing Microsoft account requirement for widgets board

The “Widgets”, a board that is basically a rebooted of News and Interests in Windows 10, is one of Windows 11’s most prominent features. It’s also one of the main ways to push MSN to users. The Widgets drawer gives you access weather and financial updates by default.

Accessing the Widgets drawer in Windows 11 requires a Microsoft account. You cannot view any Widgets board content if you don’t have a Microsoft account. This includes local traffic, Microsoft To Do Lists, Microsoft Store updates and Microsoft Movies & TV Content, as well as sports and esports.

Some people find the Widgets board inconvenient. Some may be interested in giving it a shot but don’t want their Microsoft account linked to any other Windows 11 service. Microsoft seems to be listening to users and is releasing a preview update that eliminates account requirements.


Widgets board forces Microsoft account sign-in
Widgets board forces Microsoft account sign-in


You’ll be free to browse and use the Widgets board starting in early next year without linking your Microsoft account.

<em>Windows Widgets board without Microsoft account</em>
Windows Widgets board without Microsoft account


The above screenshot shows that Microsoft has removed the sign in requirement. Users can now access the widgets board with or without a Microsoft account. You can now access personalized dynamic feeds, get weather and sports updates, pin your favourite apps to the board and receive regular updates.

In the next weeks, widgets boards will get better

Windows widgets have the potential of changing how desktops look to users, rather than a grid of icons. Widgets will improve with the addition of third-party widgets. Microsoft also plans to announce new widget capabilities next year.

Windows has always had a history with widgets. In the early 2000s Vistas had a similar feature to widgets. They were known as gadgets back then. Although the Widgets project isn’t yet available on Windows 11, it’s hoped that it will one day evolve into something bigger.

Are you fed up with Widgets boards How to get rid of it now

You can unpin the Widgets board by right-clicking on it and clicking Unpin from Taskbar

Widgets board setting in Windows 11
Widgets board setting in Windows 11


You can also remove widgets by opening Windows Search or the Start menu and looking for “Taskbar Settings”. You can also open Settings > Personalization > Taskbar to see the Widgets settings.

You can disable Widgets or other features such as Search. The button will then disappear from your Taskbar.

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