Windows 11’s new Media Player is finally heading to Windows 10

A brand new Media Player is coming to Windows 10, which will replace Groove Music! Within the Preview Channel of the Windows Insider Program, Microsoft has unintentionally released an upgraded version Groove Music that replaces the traditional music player using an entirely new app called “Windows Media Player”.

The Windows 11 Media Player is slowly rolling out to Windows 10 Insiders signed up to the Release Preview Channel. It’s an homage to the first Windows Media Player, but it’s using Windows UI 3.0 as well as Microsoft’s Fluent Design system. Even though Windows 10 doesn’t have rounded corners, the new Media Player will still remind you of the design of Windows 11.

The brand new Media Player was first shown on an Windows Insider Program stream in 2021, and then made available for Windows 11 users. Microsoft was silent about Windows 10 release until today’s update to the Release Preview Channel finally brought the application back to the previous OS.

The new Media Player’s library on Windows 10
The new Media Player’s library on Windows 10


Of course, there are many media players for free for Windows however, Microsoft isn’t yet a complete gamer. Although we do have better options such as VLC or MPV (our favorite personal choice) but the latest Windows Media Player is still an excellent choice for those who are new to the platform.

How do I get the latest Windows Media Player on Windows 10

You can find the updated app as an update on the Microsoft Store. To download the player visit Microsoft Store > Library and look for updates. A new update will replace the previous Groove Music app , and will migrate songs to the brand new version.

The new Media Player is available in both light and dark modes and also supports Windows 10’s accent color. The default setting is the color scheme of orange and black, also known as orange and white.

New Media Player can stream any video
New Media Player can stream any video


Media Player’s interface is straightforward and works well. Contrary to Groove Music, Media Player plays both audio and video files. Similar to it’s Movies & TV app, there’s HDR support in this app which means that if you’ve got modern-day movies with this particular format it’s possible to utilize the new player to play them.

The latest version of Windows Media Player is 11.2209.30.0 and Windows 10 Build 19042 is identified as the minimal version. If you aren’t able to just wait for the update be installed on your device, you may get the offline version of the application and then run the .msixbundle.

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